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TWINS METASUICIDE                                             GEMELLORUM METASUICIDIUM

ISBN: 978-84-16491-91-9


Omnipotence is the primary attribute of the gods. Nevertheless, they do not have the power to relinquish their own immortality. Both theology and theodicy have ignored this contradiction, intentionally or otherwise. This loss of freedom renders paradise imperfect, a perpetual gilded prison.

Paradoxically, if, as some philosophers proclaim, God is dead, would his death have been a mors voluntaria

Metasuicide is not a sociological reality, but rather a fascinating philosophical concept, allowing for engrossing metaphysical speculation on whether man is, in fact, superior to the gods who, though having power over the life and (non-voluntary) death of mankind, hold none such over their own. 

The photographic maze shown here illustrates the concept: two smiling, attractive twins, their bodies exuding youth, vitality and eroticism, embody, on the one hand, a pair of demigods, futilely rebelling against their own unrelinquishable immortality; on the other, through their playful self-destructive flirtations challenging death, they represent the conflict that rages in the heart of mankind, between our life drive and our death drive. Throughout this book, the snake, along with its associated symbolism, takes the shape of the noose. Other symbolic elements and mythological references interact with the hermeneutic gaze of the watcher-reader, inviting further reflection

Each picture, with its accompanying caption in Latin, proposes an abstract interpretation and formulates an unsettling question that shakes our consciousness.

We hope the reader enjoys this book, while maintaining a positive outlook.


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